Not long now until the massive Easter 3 Day carnival. This is an event being hosted by ONSW and as such each club is involved in supporting it in some way. Many of our club members have high profile roles - such as Rob Vincent, Scott Simson, Ian Dempsey who are all involved in courses and mapping. Others such as Russell Blatchford will be involved in mid-week events.

But there is much more to be done. Newcastle is undertaking the role of Registration. This will involve handing out the Registration bags, as well as distribution of the merchandise, Enter-on-Day, String Course set-up and General Information.

Our responsibilities start on Thursday afternoon at the Event Centre at Rylestone Show Ground and then will move to the event sites for the following 4 days. While Registration is important it isn't a full day responsibility. The hours will be quite reasonable and duties will decrease with each day. And we're right at the heart of the event - and under cover.

Over the next week I'd like to firm up a roster of people available and willing to assist with this role. Of course your own run is the most important part, but I'd like to see as many club members help out over the Easter period.

There is a final planning meeting on Sunday 6 April at which I will be given the absolute details of times we need to attend the Registration area.
It would be ideal if each of us could offer a period of an hour on 2 days - but there will need to be additional set-up duties.
We will need to set up (and take down) our own Rego tent on 3 of the 5 days we are open for business.
If you have a preference for helping before or after your run please indicate - but as Start times aren't out yet there will need to be a bit of juggling.
If you would like a particular role - then also please let me know.

Newcastle will also be taking a club tent to the events for a general meeting point for our club. The Registration tent will be busy, so general club socialising won't be appropriate there.

Could you please email me if you can help out on any of the days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The Start Lists haven't been released yet, but we can work around that. Just indicate which days or in which way you'd be willing to help. I'll try to have as much information as I can at the next club event on 13 April - though that will be just before we leave.

Carolyn and Gayle
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