From this week's event at Dudley there will be a couple of new rules and a new category:


NEW PRAM CATEGORY - Prams have proven so popular that we are giving them their own category. The new pram category is for parents with a child (or 2) in a pram and people pushing a child in a pram will also be allowed to jog if desired. The walking category will now be just for walkers only (you may compete in this category with a baby in a carrier for example but will only be allowed to walk). On the grey entry slip you will need to add a W for Walking or a P for Pram at each event where you are competing in a category otherwise you will be scored as a runner for that event. Your best 10 results in a particular category will count towards your total score for that category (In the next few weeks we will try to sort the previous events' results into this category as well for those who had prams in the walking category).


NO DOGS - For the safety and convenience of other competitors we will no longer allow people to compete with dogs. If you bring your dog to an event please keep it away from the start and finish areas and under control at all times. Please ensure someone is able to safely look after your dog while you are competing and do not leave your dog unattended in your car. Thanks very much