Yes its been a little while since the last update and so this one is a little big. So without further ado..

Entries for State League 9 and 10 are now open on eventor. If you were considering going to the Xmas 5 day this year - consider this a warmup and taster as (well Sunday at least) this event is taking place in the same area.

You may have noticed a new little button on the left of the webpage. The Mindfields website is now open for your perusal. So what is Mindfields? Well its the name given to the NSW championships that we as a club are hosting this year. So go check it out and don't be surprised if one of the organisers tap you on the shoulder at the next few events. The more members that can volunteer some of thier time the easier it will be for us to continue to hold top class events for our visitors.

We also need to congratulate 3 of our juniors for making the NSW junior squad. Nicola Blatchford, Amylee Robertson and Scott Charlton have all made the cut this year and we wish them luck at Australian All Schools Championships in the ACT during the Australian Championships.

Club member Lynda Hewson is currently overseas and was able to attend O-Ringen: Here is email she sent back recently

O-Ringen has started, here at the arctic circle, with a training day yesterday.The official opening with the under 16's relay is this arvo.
I survived the training run! Survived being the important word, there were a lot of surprises.
First there was the long walk in from the road up a mountain.(i dont have a car here). I saw the sign with the skier on it & thought it was a cross country skier. But no, it's a downhill skiing mountain & I had to walk to the hut at the top to register. So a 3.5km walk up a mountain just to register.
Next surprise, MOZZIES! Hundreds of them! The most I have seen in years. I didn't have any insect repellant and I'm very allergic to them so I spent the whole run scratching & slapping. Very hard to concentrate.
The forest floor is weird, it's soft & spongey like running on an uneven squishy mat.Not at all what I was expecting.
The boulders on the map are huge, often a cple metres high. So easy to navigate by.
The maps are good, on A3 paper in a plastic sleeve ( my maps will all be 1:10000), but it makes them hard to fold to a small size.
The biggest surprise was that I finished the course. I was my usual slow self but I was quite happy with my navigation and I only went off course once and realised pretty quickly where I had gone wrong ( i crossed an indistinct path & didnt see it, too busy swatting mozzies). I am watching & using the contours a lot more than I would at home, Geoff would be proud of me!
Some funny things I have heard already:
1. A Chinese man got lost in an earlier training run & O-Ringen hasnt even officially started yet. Made his way out onto a road, realised where he was & called a friend to pick him up & take him home! And didnt tell anyone! So everyone was out looking for him before they heard he was OK.
2. Met a Swiss man who has come to O Ringen every yr for the last 30 years. Last year he took a " short cut" in a race & ended up breast stroking across a lake with the map in his mouth.
3. A boy about 10 years old yesterday shrieking as he walked chest deep across a swamp, holding the map over his head. Needless to say the water is freezing cold.
I have emailed a couple of photos from my phone. I will send more as I go.
Hope you are all enjoying yourselves orienteering at home. And hope it hasn't been raining too much.

Well that will do for now. Expect more soon and keep an eye out on the Mindfields website.