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So its another weekend where there is no local orienteering on - and nor is their a state league. Well I've got no videos this week for you but stay a while and listen (well.. read I guess). 

Recently QB3 was on and if you missed it, well you missed a great weekend. Despite its reputation Belangalo has some great orienteering areas and a interesting mix of pine forest and aussie bush and the odd rock formation. Now here the good news, by my maths (and I will admit that not the most reliable thing in the world nor is my left/right or east west directions but that's another story) we managed 6 clean sweeps of the three days of competition. That's the more than any other club and I believe the best they managed was 2. Our sweepers were Shane Trotter, Nicola Blatchford, Caroline Taurany, Shane Jenkins, Magaret Peel and Melanie Trotter - So a big congratulations to them.

So what else well hpefully Russell Blatchford will have some blogging for us while they are away at JWOC with Nicola (but they are on a holiday) and Good Luck to Nicola!!

We will also hopefully get updates from O-ringen as one of our club members is off on an orienteering trip of their own.

Next week we resume local orienteering with one of our furthest maps and a little bird has told me that you can expect a fast running at Belford so the courses have been adjusted in length to accomodate this. So come along and have a run.

Yeah this one is pretty short and not up to the usual length so i'll leave you with this little safety tip - If you are arriving at an event late choose a course that reflects your ability as you must plan to be back by 1pm (Note that's back to 1pm not give up at 1pm). Failure to do so will cause the setter to begin to oirganise a search party for you. If you are lost and find a control - stay there someone will be around - otherwise follow your safety bearing if possible. In the worst case scenario stay put and listen for the search party.

PS Always have a means of telling the time with you. 






This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.