As we approach a weekend where we have a break from club events til June 16th, of course for the cohort that is heading down to Belanglo this weekend its hoped tht its not going to be too cold while they compete in the Queens Birthday long weekend or QB3 as it is known. So good luck to them.

So I thought I might give a few options of something to do while you wait for the next event.

Over on the dating servicecoaching page there are hints and tips from matchmaker club coach Geoff Todkill that you can try out. Alternativey I have a few videos you can show off to your friends about what it is that you do while you are out doing that orienteering thing. Thanks to Russell Blatchford for at least one of the links (Sorry but i forgot which promo video you actually suggested)

Check out this promo video for orienteering from the Junior camp last year:
or check this short film/promo from Scotland:
and now the one I would actually reccommend for showing off your sport (unfortunately I have no idea who made this one):

You might also want to get out your mountain bike and start training for the NSW chmpionships that several of our club members are involved with. Check out the promo flyer for more information.

And finally some news from Jenny Enderby:

Club members Alex Massey and Damien Enderby placed 2nd overall in the Kathmandu Adventure race at the Royal National Park Sydney. Jenny Enderby and Garginal orienteer Barbara Hill won the women's teams and placed 4th overall beating all the mixed teams. With a total of 181 teams competing in the race it was great to have two Newcastle Orienteering teams in the top four.

It was a long tough race with the boys taking 4hrs13.30 and the girls 4hrs34.55. Both teams completed the advanced course as both were in the top 20 teams. The girls were the only female team to do the advanced course. Which included an extra control in the kayak leg as well as another tough run 6-7km. After the race the organisers said this was the toughest Kathmandu Adventure Race they had set.

We were lucky with the weather as it turned out to a perfect sunny day after the torrential rain the previous days. But it was still very muddy with some smaller tracks still flowing like a stream. All very tired Alex, Jenny and Barbara still managed to back up on Sunday at their respective club orienteering races.


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