The weekly blurb has been a little less than weekly of late, mostly due to a pretty full calendar (just wait til we get to mad may!). So here we are 2 NOY done already, a state league weekend and Easter all slipping into the past... but what of the future? Well this weekend if you are keen on mountain biking sees the start of the Super Series down at Wingello (entries open until Wed 10th on Eventor) and then if you are really keen you can follow that up on the sunday with the final Duo for the this series down at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra (Entries also open til Wed 10th here). On the 28th there will also be the 3rd State League event down at Hilltop on the 'Wattle Ridge' map, as this is a one day event you might want to see if you can carpool with other like minded club members. Details on our last event this month are still being finalised so 'watch this space'.

Now back to NOY and a quick word about the results. You may have noticed a certain lack of an onging point score so far? Well thats because the ease of reporting the results with SI means that the raw results can go up sooner rather than later. So rest assured the full NOY points score will be available shortly (UPDATE - NOW AVAILABLE Sunday 14th April 2013).

Finally, though he himself will probably not read this, a big thank you to Denis Lyons, who made his minor event into a fully fledged NOY event without much notice when we were forced to change locations for the original one.