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Just a quick update that the final BOSS is on this weekend check out Greg Bacon's enticement video of some of the single track (have a good look at the 50sec mark - you would almost think it was me riding... it wasn't FYI). Also the first Duo of the year is coming up in Belanglo so get your entries in. They have also added a enter on day MTBO option for $15. Have a look at the flyer Greg put together. Entry is via Eventor

Which is as good a segue as I'm ever going to get. Eventor is the new entry system for orienteering events that require either upfront payment (such as DUO/State League/Carnivals) and/or a minimum number of entries. It was introduced at the end of last year for the Xmas 5 day. For club events you do not need to enter via eventor - but you can use it as a calendar. So it may be an idea to bookmark and create a login for future reference as we have the state championships coming to Newcastle in September which will be one not to miss (and the state league will be starting up soon too)

Speaking of events - all the bush minor events are now entered into the website as well as the 'external events' we will be hosting. Don't be too worried about all the TBA as we get closer to the event more information will be made available. I'll see about getting the state league dates entered as well at some point during the week.

Finally for those enjoying the park series check out this video of a sprint event from portugal. Sprints are very similar to our Park series and this is well worth the watch as a lot of effort has gone into making it. Might also come in handy if a friend asks you what you do when you are orienteering - you can send them that video link and give them a taster from their chair. 




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.