Well the Summer Street Series has come to a close and congratulations to all those who won a prize - be it a toblerone or that big hunk of rock that we call the 1st place trophy (Alex Massey won that if you were wondering). Be sure to pop on over to the Results Page and see who won what. There were certainly some close competitions (Caroline Taurany won the Handicap competition by 1 point) and some last minute surprises (Colin Bailey having led the time management competition most if not all of the season came back late and the prize was taken instead by Neil Curryer who was not last once this season!). Also congratualtions to Sam Howe who took out the inaugural walkers class this year. So never think that there's never an oppurtunity to try and win something. Of course the easiest way is to set an event *hint hint* ~ so if you are interested in setting for next years season contact the organiser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

That brings us to the Park Series which starts this Wednesday in King Edward Park. Don't forget to bring your SI stick if you have one and if not don't worry there are plenty available to hire. Check out the flyer for competition rules and format.

Which leads us to the O'Shea two day event run by Central Coast Orienteering just to our south. This will be your first oppurtunity to get out bush this year. If you would like to go but can't find a partner email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and while I make no promises and can't match on ability I'll certainly put you in touch with someone else who is interested. (Don't contact me if you do not want your email or other details passed on to your potential partner as I do have time to act as a go between) Entries close tomorrow on the 19th Feb.

Before our bush season starts this year Central Coast Orienteering are also running the first State League events this year down in Lithgow. More information on that can be found on their website or the ONSW website. 

Now to our bush season. I'm working hard to get our calendar entered onto the website but due to a recent injury I am unable to type for very long so check the bush events page regularly for more events being added daily (I still have a lot of minor events and all the external events to go). This bush season will also be using the SI system and for the first event we will be offering a long 'easy' course for those who do not have great navigation skills but want something a little more than the usual 2km course. Continuation of this course will be dependant on numbers and the location of the event (not all maps have a extensive track system that can be utilised). So if you are interested in this new course then come along and have a run.