Four Newcastle club members travelled to the Sunshine Coast last weekend for the Queensland MTBO championships. The location didn't live up to its name and a weekend of wet and muddy riding resulted. The middle distance race was held at Tewantin near Noosa and with constant rain prior to and during the race many track became creeks and the puddles were large. The sprint race was held in the town of Kenilworth using the school and show grounds and the connecting streets. The long distance race was held in the forest near Kenilworth. The area was very steep, with some of the tracks quite rutted and eroded, adding to that the water and mud from the rain on the previous days made it an extremely demanding race with lots of pushing bikes uphill and holding on to them as you slid down the other side.

Graham Fowler took out the M70 category winning all three races. Tim Hackney managed third place in the M70 category, fitting the championships in between his recent back operation and his upcoming hip replacement.

Greg Bacon competed in the M60 category with fifth place in both the middle and long races, but the weather wasn't kind to him with his map cover fogging up during the sprint making it impossible to read the map and resulting in a mis punch.

Andrew Power took out the M50 category on total time with a second in the middle, third in the sprint and first in the long race.

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Andrew Power

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