NEWS FLASH: Well it turns out I have a factual error in my reporting that Alex and Damien led from the start. I have just been informed that another Newcastle team, Damian Welbourne and Scott Taylor, had actually passed them putting the winning pair second at the end of the first bike leg.

Damian tells what happened next:

"Unfortunately team Damo and Scotty had decided to use bike shoes and running shoes, and the 4 shoe changes cost precious minutes, as did inferior speed. Late in the race we ran past a control that was in the wrong spot. Naturally we ignored it. We then lost a few more minutes scouting about in the correct location, before eventually heading back to it - costing 5 places. We finished 9th. :)"

I'm sure Damian will continue to remind Alex of this fact for some time to come.


Time for another little write up. Did you know from this wedensday's event at Ashtonfield the club will be selling Sportident (SI) sticks. This will be of use for the upcoming park, night championships and bush season. They will be $45 for members and $50 for non-members - we only have 20 for sale and once they are gone they are gone (They can be purchased from other orienteering gaer retailers). As an added bonus we MAY and I stress MAY have the ability to personalise the SI sticks when you purchase them (this means if you own a SI stick that is not personalised bring it along and we can do that to). However, if we cannot offer this service at Ashtonfield we should be able to at the Newcastle event. I should also point out that owning a SI stick is not required to compete we do have quite a number that we can hire them out to competitors.

Which segways nicely into the next reminder. The Newcastle event is our last streeto for this season and there will be presentations following the event and a sausage sizzle from 6pm so come along for the run and stay for the sausages and prizes!

In other news Damien Enderby and Alex Massey have taken out the Kathmandu Adventure Race at Glenrock today. Leading from start to finish the pair eventually won by over 9 minutes. In terrible weather conditions with rain the entire race and at some stages very heavy. The track creek crossings turned into rivers in which the bike had to be carried across. The kayak leg was cancelled due to lack of water in the lagoon as the sand embankment burst the week before from the rain. Sally-Anne Henderson and Matt Bacon also competed and came 9th in the mixed pairs and  the team of Andrew Morris and Craig Browett came overall 11th on Sunday. Apologies to other members who competed if I missed your name in the results (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Speaking of the Enderby's Damien, Jenny and Mikayla are all finalists for the Lake Macquarie Sportsstar of the Year awards for 2012. Damien for the Masters cateogory of Mountain Biking, Jenny in the Masters category for orienteering, MTBO and Mountain Biking and Mikayla Junior Female category for Swimming and Orienteering. So good luck to the Enderbys. Presentations are to be held on 16th February at Belmont 16's.

Finally entries to the O'shea 2 day are now open. This event is run by Central Coast Orienteers and themed team costumes are encouraged. We always have a pretty strong showing as a club at this event so get your team together and aim for a cake (prizes are cakes for those who did not know)

Hmm did say little write up... oh well if you have any news about other club member exploits and awards let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.