So its time for another editorial, So first off I have been really slack of late but here is the results of our club members who made the journey down to the Christmas 5 day event in Beechworth Victoria. Congratulations to all.

  • Mens A - Rob Preston 5th
  • Mens C - Malcolm Roberts 12th, Andrew Power 15th, Geoff Todkill 20th, Geoff Peel 26th, Shane Jenkins 33rd (but not last!)
  • Women C - Carolyn Matthews 4th
  • Mens D - Robert Preston 5th
  • Women D - Toy Martin 5th, Margaret Peel 11th
  • Women E - Caroline Taurany 3rd
  • Novice - Oscar Power 5th, Alec Power 9th

Also the Blatchfords made the journey across the pond to compete in Oceania 2013 in New Zealand. So a round of congratulations to them as well.

  • Karen W45A 7th
  • Russell M50A 10th
  • Nicola W18A 7th (and 3rd Senior Girls)

As you may be aware the street series is rapidly coming to a close for this season. But fear not your wednesday orienteering fix will be able to be satisfied for a few more weeks with the parks series and night champs starting in its place. Also it will be worth noting in your calendar that the final street series event in Newcastle will also be a social event as the club puts on a BBQ (weather depending) starting a 6pm and carrying through to the presentation of awards for those lucky winners of trophies and toblerones.

Speaking of the park series this will be the first park series run with the new Sportident (SI) technology. SI sticks will be available for hire for those who do not have one and just possibly we may have some for sale (pending availability). For those unsure of what of how SI works check out this video or this one (though the sound is poor on this one).

Finally the AGM is coming up in March so shortly we will be advertising for positions in the club so watch this space for more details.

Update: Some of you will have noticed that routegadget is not available at the moment. The host (Garingal club) is having some technical issues and we hope to have access again soon.