I’m looking for planners/setters for the forthcoming BOSS:

BOSS 1 22nd October 2017 O’Donnelltown
BOSS 2 12th November 2017 Glenrock
BOSS 3 17th December 2017 Killingworth
BOSS 4 14th January 2018 Holmesville or your preferred location.
BOSS 5 11th February 2018 Fairly Dams or your preferred location.
BOSS 6 11th March 2018 Hebburn Dams – Planner: Greg Bacon.

We plan to make a change to the format this season so the ‘Elites’ and the ‘Mere Mortals’ can both have an enjoyable ride. The ‘LineScore75’ map will be the same as last season, i.e a double sided map with a line course on one side & a score course on the other side for the Elites. The ‘AllScore75’ map will be a single sided map with an all score course, for the rest of us. Controls are in the same location as the ‘LineScore75’. Both maps will have a time limit of 75 minutes. All other rules are the same as last year. If you would like to help out or have any suggestions please contact me.

BOSS Coordinator: Tim Hackney

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