"Mountain Bike Orienteering is Hot"

Event: BOSS1
Location: Hawkemount
Map: The Lot 1:15,000
Weather: Warm, fine
Organisation: Andrew & Nicole Haigh
Setting: Denis Lyons
Control Collection: Greg Bacon, Geoff Todkill, Tim Tew, Graeme Taplin, Denis Lyons

...from Andrew Haigh

Fifty Three Competitors braved the heat to take part in the first event of what looks set to be a very popular Summer Series.
Dennis Lyons set a challenging course. With just the right number of controls to stop Malcolm Roberts the overall winner from getting them all.
The scores were very tight at the top of mens table, with the top 2 seperated only by time. Third, fourth and Fifth all scored 32 points. The womens category however was domniated by Mel Simpson.

We have had some dicussion regarding age categories for these events. Initially I thought perhaps, three categories, under 18, 18-40 and over 40 . but the highest place 18-40 year old was Mel Simpson who was 6th overall. So it doesn't look like the oldies need their own category, or perhaps we could consider oldies to be over 50. So at this stage we will just stick with Open Men and Open Women

I would be very interested to hear comments both good and bad regarding the event. This was the clubs first event and we can mould future events to suit.
Is 75 minutes the right length? Too long, too Short?
Perhaps we could run a short course and a long course?
Would you prefer a line course rather than the score?
Age categories - Do MTB's reach their peak in their forties?

You can join in the open discussion at Maptalk below or for private comment email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to all those who helped on the day and behind the scenes getting these events off the ground. And Thank you all for coming.

Next event is Wallaroo (Raymond Terrace) 20 December. (Ed: and perhaps a refreshing swim at Hawks Nest afterwards - about 15 minutes away)