Event: BOSS2
Location: Wallaroo (north of the Terrace)
Weather: overcast and cool
Entries: 66
Course setting: Greg and Matt Bacon
Entries: Kerry Bacon and Elouise Bacon
Finish: Matt Bacon and Katrina Bacon
Control collection: Tim Tew, Melanie Simpson, Denis Lyons and Tim Hackney

From series co-ordinator Andrew Haigh

A record 66 competitors took part in the second BOSS event at Wallaroo. The weather was ideal, overcast and cool and yes I overheard Glenn Burgess saying that he enjoyed it.

Greg bacon's map made use of colour filled control circles (Street-O style) which combined with the new control codes made punching in the correct box very easy.

Stu Adams (Overall winner) had a great ride this week easily completing the course with a full 6 minutes to spare. Both Damian Welboune and Steve Todkill also cleared the course with time to spare. These 3 competitors all received bonus points for getting all the controls - 1 point for each full minute early.

Mary Fien won the female category, pushing Mel Simpson (winner of BOSS 1) into second place.

Geoff Peel didn't have the best day, but of course it wasn't his fault. Firstly he had locked his super valuable bike on to his bike rack and left the key at home. But of course this was Margaret's fault. Thirty minutes into the event his rear brake cable came loose, this failure was somehow blamed on me as I had adjusted the brake tension at the lever. I wonder who is being blamed for his route choice?

A few of the times today were only recorded to the nearest minute. Whilst this makes very little difference to the overall results, In some cases it does affect the late penalties. If your time in the results ends in :00 and you have the correct time from your own watch I will be happy to adjust the results.

Thank you all for coming and Merry Christmas

Next event is Killingworth 17 January 2010, if we can get more than 66 that will be great.