Event: BOSS3
Location: Killingworth
Weather: Warm & windy
Entries: 67
Course setting: Josh Roberts
Organisation: Malcolm Roberts
Entry desk: Malcolm Roberts, Geoff Peel, Andrew Haigh
Finish: Malcolm Roberts, Denis Lyons
Control collection: Josh Roberts, Steven Todkill, Rudi Lansiedel, Denis Lyons, others?

From series co-ordinator Andrew Haigh

It was good to see the killingworth area surprisingly mud free after all the rain of recent months. Steve Todkill achieved his first win of the season, whilst Mary Fien notched up her second.

David Simpfendorfer visited the most controls, but returned 5 minutes late. Perhaps the weight of that second pedal cost him. (He performed far better with a single pedal at the Kathmandu Adventure race yesterday, partnered by Mel Simpson. They won the Mixed category.)

The number of people returning late was down considerably at this event, due I belive to a centrally located start/finish area. The use of 4 point controls helped boost the scores so that those recieving late penalties where not as severely penalised as at BOSS 1 and 2. Thanks to Josh Roberts for setting a challenging course.

The hard mud terrain did appear to take it toll on many bikes, first timer Steven Vimpani had major gear failure at the very first control and was forced to retire, I saw 2 other snapped derailleurs. I had my own problems with my front brake pads wearing through to the metal, shortly after followed by a rear puncture.

The upward trend continued and even with several regulars away we still acheived a new Boss attendance record of 67.

Thanks to everybody who helped on the day.

Next event is 21-Feb-2010 at "The Farm" - near Wakefield. Hope to see you all there.