Dent & Davey take QB3-Day1

For the first time in many year the Queen's Birthday event is a true three day affair with the total times added for the three days.Today Middle Distance length event was run in perfect conditons a relief after nearly 2 weeks of preceeding wet weather,

Setter Karen Blatchford employed loops and pivot controls on many of the courses making for a compact but varied coverage of the area.

Julian Dent made a mockery of the expected 35 minute winning times covering the 6 km M21A course in 30:45, nearly six and a half minutes ahead of 2nd placed Grant Bluett. Ian Meyer rounded out the top three.

The W21A class is much closer with Briohny Davey less than 1 minute ahead of Shannon Jones with Felcity Brown less than a minute further behind.

Tomorrow we move "across the road" to the "Poppet Head Park" for a long distance event. While climb percentages are actually less than today we can expect a couple of steeper sections on the longer courses.

For full results of todays events go to the Newcastle Club's QB3 web page.






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