Update: A motor bike rally has created new tracks and ruined 8 control sites. Some courses have been altered but distances are roughly the same. The start will be only 80m south of the assembly.

This is a change of venue from the originally advertised “Freeway Underpass” location. The new area was being prepared for the Christmas 5 day event, but Cessnock Council wanted to do some construction work on part of the area and did not want anyone in the area at that time. We have been granted permission to use the area before any construction starts, for what maybe the first and last time . The area had been mapped because of its unique features created by its previous mining history. Really SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Venue: Cessnock City Council land on the eastern side of Old Maitland Road, North-east of Cessnock.
Directions: FROM CESSNOCK. From the northern end of Vincent St. (Main street of shopping centre.) turn right toward Kurri. After 1KM veer left onto Old Maitland Rd. toward Cessnock Waste Management Facility. After 3KM turn left, onto Ironbark Lane, and be prepared to turn immediately right for parking along a power-line. (Or beside Ironbark Lane itself.)

FROM KURRI. Head toward Cessnock. Approx.3.8KM from the west-most house in Neath be prepared to turn right at the western end of East Cessnock Primary School. THIS RIGHT TURN ONTO OLD MAITLAND ROAD TAKES SOME CARE AS YOU ARE NEARLY HEADING BACK TO THE EAST! Do not turn too early into a lane for traffic exiting from Old Maitland Rd. Travel 3KM along Old Maitland Rd. then turn left onto Ironbark Lane and as above.

FROM NORTH ALONG OLD MAITLAND ROAD look for signs to turn right onto Ironbark Lane approx. 1.26KM. after going under the double set of major transmission power lines. Parking as above.

Parking to Assembly: The parking is on the western side of Old Maitland Rd. with the event on the eastern side. Participants are asked to walk back to the southern edge of the parking before crossing the road at a point opposite the entry to the assembly area. REMEMBER TO CHECK FOR, AND GIVE WAY TO TRAFFIC.

Start: All courses will use the same start. The start will be about 170m south-east from the road crossing point. Use a streamered trail on the eastern side of the road from the assembly to the start. DO NOT USE THE ROAD.

Map: “SOMETHING DIFFERENT” is a new map of a previously unused area. Hopefully we will have pre-marked maps. Very Easy and Easy courses will have a 1:7 500 map with control descriptions in English on the front. All other courses will have a1:10 000 map with control descriptions in symbols, on the front.

Mapper/Course Planner Notes: Most of the area has been affected by open cut and/or underground coal mining. The underground mining has left mine subsidence effects such as pits and dry ditches. Those sections which are considered as a hazard, will be marked with pink symbols on the map and pink streamers in the field.

The open cut mining has left large quarries with massive rock/earth cliffs. STAY ALERT! PLAN AHEAD! The earth and gravel slopes can be treacherous (up, down or across). All but the smallest gravel slopes should be treated with caution or avoided. SHOES WITH GRIP SHOULD BE CONSIDERED.

The over burden has formed knolls and small hills, as well as being scattered across large areas, which now present as boulders, mounds, rocky ground and broken ground. ANKLE PROTECTION SHOULD BE COSIDERED.

The open quarries have suffered from considerable dumping. (Mainly building refuse.)

The natural bushland can vary from open/fast to very thick areas of rigid and/or spiky vegetation. Even the light green and white may include isolated pieces of the spiky scrub. FULL BODY COVER SHOULD BE CONSIDERED.

In many of the very detailed areas, only the dominant feature can be shown on the map.

Like all Cessnock areas, trail bikes and 4WD’s are regular visitors. It is difficult to keep the track network up to date on the map. They are prepared to ride up and down the steep slopes and along the bed of watercourses. IF YOU HEAR THEM GET OUT OF THEIR WAY.

The area has Cessnock Waste Management Facility as part of it’s South-Western boundary. It should not be difficult to recognise features along this boundary, and thus not enter the out of bounds sections.

Courses: All courses are point- to –point. (ie. Visit controls in numerical order.)
Very Easy - 1.6km.
Easy - 1.7km.
Moderate short - 2.3km.
Moderate long - 3.2km.
Hard short - 3.2km.
Hard medium - 4.6km.
Hard long - 6.4km.

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure




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